Attractive And Durable Sango Dinnerware

World-class finishing, attractive textures and high durability have made Sango dinnerware an exclusive kitchen set for people across the world. Although a bit expensive than glass dinnerware, these dinner sets offer quality addition and elegance to your dinning ware set. Some frequently asked questions about this product include:

Sango Blossom 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

  • Why is this dinnerware popular?
  • Why people purchase this dinnerware?
  • What are its features?
  • What are the popular styles and designs?


Sango Ceramics is a world-renowned manufacturer of ceramics tableware. Everyone tries to add beauty in every step of their lives. Modern designing and fashion sense has also intruded in decorating homes. Even the dining table is also not spared in this regard. You can add a touch of elegance to your dinning set with Sango dinnerware.

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A Brief History

Sango Ceramics is an Indonesian company that started functioning since 1978. Through ages, they have become a leading manufacturer of quality dinnerware of stoneware, porcelain and even fine china. They have been able to offer dinnerware of alluring designs with the collective experience of their international management team. Offer your kitchen a new lease of life with sophisticated renovation and highly attractive collection of Sango dinnerware.

  • The company specializes in manufacturing designer dinnerware that is capable to withstand wear and tear of everyday usage.
  • These dinnerware sets come in a variety of glazes such as matt glazes, reactive glazes and even shiny and colorful glazes.
  • Sango even specialize in manufacturing various tableware decals of mica, platinum and gold among others.


Casual Sango Splash Dinnerware For Your Dining Table

Features of Quality Dinnerware and What Made It Popular

Sango dinnerware sets offer majestic appearance and enhances the overall aura of your dining table and kitchenware collection. The following are the features of this quality dinnerware.

  • Sango splash dinnerware in particular, comes with attractive brushstrokes.
  • Reactive glazes make them safe to use in dishwashers and microwave ovens.
  • This dinnerware comes with matching accessories like pepper and salt shakers, baking pan and covered butter dishes.
  • Since this dinnerware is handcrafted, it is usually durable and heavier than contemporary dinnerware sets.


The nature of the dinnerware is quite appealing with a slightly heavier weight and high durability. You would even find the handcrafted stoneware dinnerware easy to wash through a dishwasher. The crafted glazes and the material itself would come in handy in preventing any scratch on the dinning set. Such elegant dining sets would definitely mesmerize any visitor who might drop at your home for either lunch or dinner. Even various Sango dinnerware reviews have also appreciated such elegance and stylish dinning sets in modern times.

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Various Popular Styles and Designs

Sango dinnerware is becoming extremely popular across the world. Their durability and retention of attractiveness, especially its glazy nature, in spite of everyday use, have certainly attracted the attention of buyers throughout the world. Sango is highly noted for manufacturing dinnerware using materials such as ceramic and stoneware. The most common patterns or design styling of these dinnerware sets are:

  • Geometric
  • Floral
  • Solid

They serve well as modern and exclusive texture pattern of dinnerware. So what are you waiting for? Add glamour to your table with these attractive and quality dinnerware sets.