The Truth About Stoneware Dinnerware

Stoneware dinnerware is often confused with ceramics; but the truth is, not all ceramics are made from stoneware. As a matter of fact, stoneware is just one of the three main types of ceramics being manufactured to date. The material originated in China during the era of the Shang Dynasty which took place on 1400 B.C.

Casual White Stoneware Dinnerware


Considered as the hardest and sturdiest type of dishes, stoneware dinnerware is fired under extreme temperatures ranging from 2000 to more than 2300 degrees Fahrenheit in order to produce a dense, non-porous, waterproof and ultra-smooth finished product. The type of clay being used in making stoneware is coarse and sandy, which when burned will turn into a dark-colored material. Stoneware has an earthy appeal; however, it is not as fragile and translucent as its fine china counterparts. With regards to quality, the best stoneware dinnerware has the density and toughness of a stone, hence the name stoneware. And unlike earthenware, it doesn’t need to be coated with a vitreous liquid and as it is naturally water resistant.

Popular Types

There are several types of stoneware plates; however, the following are considered the most popular varieties.

  • White Stoneware Dinnerware – Usually made from medium grade stoneware, this dinnerware comes with a great value and reasonable price. Plainly tinted with a white color, white dinnerware’s versatility cannot be understated. Regardless of what occasion you are celebrating, you will surely find white stoneware pieces that will complete your table setting.

  • Rustic Stoneware Dinnerware – Rustic stoneware gives an organic yet vibrant touch to your dining table. Mostly detailed with fine designs and prints, it portrays a good mix of stone and light sand colors that highlights the pattern while complementing its underside with a rich and dark color.

All About The Best Stoneware Dinnerware

  • Quartz Stoneware Dinnerware – Crafted from durable elements such as earthen clay and quartz, this stoneware is fired over extreme heat during production. Quartz plays a major role in producing this type of dinnerware mainly because it improves the strength of the clay while leaving the material with a lighter color. And because it is heated at very high degrees of temperature, this stoneware is more durable and stronger than earthenware plates.

You just learned the real score about stoneware dinnerware. Casual, unique, durable, and glamorous, these pieces are definitely worth collecting and something that you can cherish for years. Are you interested? Grab your own set from the best sources like Sango dinnerware.