Tips in Handling Dinnerware

While there are many types of materials used in making dinnerware, all of them share the same thing – they are delicate, fragile, and need proper handling techniques to avoid damage brought about by chips, cracks, breakage, and other contributing factors. If you have just bought your own set of dinnerware from a reliable source like Sango dinnerware but you don’t know how to keep them in good condition, here are the tips in handling dinnerware that you must follow.

The Best Tips In Handling Dinnerware

Helpful Cleaning Tips


  • First in this list of tips in handling dinnerware is cleaning. Even if they are always kept in a closed space, unused dinnerware should also be dusted from time to time. Using a paintbrush with soft bristles, remove the dirt and dust from the splits of the dinnerware’s design, if there is any. If you have a container of compressed air at home, use them to blow off the dirt and dust on the dinnerware’s surface.


  • For stains, it is best that you remove them using a soft cloth that has been dipped in a mild detergent and lukewarm water solution. But be careful when doing so – simply dab the cloth instead of scrubbing it into the plate’s surface.


  • Submerge soiled porcelain china in soapy water. Afterwards, you need to hand wash them to preserve the beauty of their delicate details. Do not use strong detergents and abrasive cleaners during the cleaning process. Don’t forget to place soft towels or rubber mats in the sink to avoid any bumps and slippage that can lead to cracks and chips in the long run.


  • The best way to store china and porcelain dinnerware is by putting them in a cabinet with inner shelves and transparent glass panes so that you and your guests can see them from the outside. Some cabinet models have wooden details that act as little wood rails to prevent the dinnerware from slipping and falling off.


  • Always remember to install cabinets in an area away from sunlight. This is because with prolonged direct sunlight exposure, the design and colors of dinnerware can possibly fade.


  • Be sure to distribute the weight of the dinnerware items evenly, as improper stacking can cause breakage in the long run.


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Useful Storage Techniques

Caring for your precious dinnerware pieces is easy to do especially if you have the proper tips in handling dinnerware provided above in mind. By following these preventive measures regularly, you can surely keep these delicate items good looking and damage free.